Madagascar Custom Birdwatching Tours

Welcome Bird lovers! … Tonga Soa!

If you are planning to do birdwatching in Madagascar, we are here to help.

We are a Malagasy tour company, based in Antananarivo with over 20 years experience as a Destination Management Company – DMC. With our expert birding team, you will be able to choose amongst our highly selected tours or have your tour customized as per your desire.

Our mission statement: make you discover the birds of Madagascar!

The actual climate change and degradation of the natural habitats is having direct impacts on the birds’  behaviours. That is now directly observed and felt on the field and we are stakeholders in the conservation of the Birds of Madagascar. As a local team, we are permanently updating our knowledge and information to make your birding trip the most successful possible. It is high time to bird in Madagascar.

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The Madagascar’s borders will be reopened on October 23, 2021  for flights from Reunion and Mauritius Islands. Then, for flights from Europe on November 6, 2021. More details here >>

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Why birding with us ?

100% local team

Composed of Ornithologists and Expert Birder guides. 100% Malagasy.

Presence & field expertise

We are permanently working on the field so we have the latest updates. We will take you to the best sites to spot the birds of our Island.


We are ready for challenges 365 days and not only during some seasons of the year.

Custom trips

Our tours are tailor-made to match your time and pace. 24/7 responses and assistance guaranteed.

Good value for money

We offer good value for money tours – above that your money goes straight to the base.


We participate actively in the local bird conservations of Madagascar.

Local community

We are entirely involved in the local communities as we are from these communities.

“Your best birding journeys in Madagascar will be with us”