Madagascar' climate and weather

Apart from its tropical climate, Madagascar has numbers of microclimates due to the variation of altitudes and its different ecosystems.
The seasons of the Islands are mainly separated into two main periods: the rainy season from November to March and the dry season from April to October. The length of each period varies from one region to another.

It is important to mention that January to March is generally the period of cyclones.

April to

Less rain but trails could still be muddy.  Fair temperatures and green sceneries. Remote sites start to be accessible in April and sites are less crowded.

July to

Dry and hot temperature except in the highlands in July.  Most roads are accessible. Most sites start to be crowded.

December to

In Mid-December, the start of the rainy seasons. High temperature and high humidity. February is the middle of the rainy seasons.

Best time for bird watching and observation in Madagascar

In general, the best birding period for Madagascar is between September and November. During that period, generally warm all over Madagascar, the fruits and insects are abundant. That is also the mating and nesting period for most of the birds. The observation is much easier during that period than any other.

Madagascar climates

​Birds’ habitats in Madagascar