Madagascar's country profile

  • The Republic of Madagascar
    Size: 587000 km2 – split into 22 regions
  • The fourth biggest Island on earth
  • Capital: ANTANANARIVO also called Tana
  • History: Former french colony
  • Independence day: 26th June 1960
  • President: H.E Andry Rajoelina
  • Motto: “Fitiavana, Tanindrazana, Fandrosoana” (“Love, Fatherland, Development“)
  • Population: 24.24 million in 2016 – spread into 18 ethnical groups
    Madagascar’s inhabitants: MALAGASY
  • Official languages: Malagasy – French and English
  • Currency: MGA (Malagasy Ariary)
  • Most used foreign currency: USD, EUR
  • Food staple: rice
  • Main products: Vanilla beans, sapphires, coffee, rice, vegetables, 
Jan 1New Year
Mar 8International Women’s Day
Mar 20March equinox
Apr 2Easter Monday
May 1Labour Day
May 10Ascension Day
May 21Whit Monday
Jun 21June Solstice
Jun 26Independence Day
Aug 15Assumption of Mary
Sep 23September equinox
Nov 1All Saints’ Day
Dec 11Republic Day
Dec 25Christmas Day
Madagascar Flag

Madagascar’s Flag