Madagascar is the forth largest island in the world located in the south-east of Africa mainland – in the Indian Ocean.

Madagascar as isolated from the Gondwana supercontinent about 165 years ago. Rich in minerals and beautiful landscapes, Madagascar is more distinguished by the wealth of its unique nature – that are found nowhere else but on the island only.

Size: 1600 km long – 570km wide
Highest peak: 2876m

Its geography is divided into 5 regions: the eastern coast, the Tsaratanana Massif in the north, the Central Highlands, the western coast and the south-west region.

The island is separated from North to South by a long granite mountain chain.

The eastern side has quite steep slopes while the western region is flatter.

Main rivers:

  • Mananara
  • Mangoro
  • Sambirano
  • Mahajamba
  • Betsiboka
  • Mania
  • Mahavavy South
  • Mahavavy North
  • Mangoky
  • Onilahy
  • Ikopa

Major lakes:

  • Alaotra
  • Lake Kinkony
  • Lake Ihotry
  • Lake Tsimanapetsotsa 
  • Lake Anony